Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dead and Born and Grown- The Staves

Now, I doubt many of you have heard of ‘The Staves’ and it was pure luck I heard of them either. I needed something different in my music selection and their song 'Wisely and Sow' came up on the iTunes free download. I was hooked and consequently asked for the album for Christmas, to which my mother raised her eyebrows and then bought it. I played it to her on Christmas Day whilst we made lunch (mainly due to the fact I'd attempted to put Muse on and been shot down) and she fell in love too. It's soft and calm with stunning harmonies and a slight country vibe to it. I'd suggest if you want an album to dose to or to have as background music, this is it. And it's also beautiful to play really loudly in the car whilst each of you sing a different part.


I'm suggesting track 1, 'Wisely and Slow' and track 5 'Facing West'. The first just shows the pure beauty of the trio's voices a capella which is a strong way to open their first album. Due to the stunning harmonies and strong story telling in their lyrics, it works really well and sets you up for the rest of the album. I like 'Facing West' because of the perfect simplicity of the lyrics which allow you to lose yourself in the music. Again the words paint pictures and the style of music fits perfectly with the calm and tranquil imagery of the sea shore.


Track 11: 'Snow'. It just sounds really laboured as if it’s sucking the life out of them. All the songs tend to be negative but they don't sound it, whereas this one really does. It's a trial to listen to and they all sound like they'd rather be elsewhere. Which isn't really how you want it to sound, is it? It may suit better to a different mood but I really couldn't stand this song. That might sound harsh, but it's true.


This is an example of when the album art is a complete extension of the music itself. The whole case is cream card with pale blue and green lettering. It's very calm, very pretty and very country. It fits exactly with the music. I adore the lettering with the little pictures woven round them and the tiny details like how it's been carried through onto the numbering on the reverse where each little image relates to the song. The images are also carried through in the booklet as a border for each page. The font and spacing between the lyrics makes it clear to the reader and the titles of each song stand out. It allows for calmness and tranquility just like the music.

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