Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Five step: Clean those make-up brushes quick!

We put our makeup on everywhere. At home, at school and even on the tube for the more brave (and perhaps more foolish) of us. The fact is we want to look our best at every moment but to do that you must have the tools to get the amazing look: our faithful make up brushes.

I know that you are meant to wash your brushes every time you use them, however I am openly going to say that I don't do that. In fact I put off washing my brushes for as long as possible. BUT, what happens when there is just too much make up on it for a quick wash under the tap? I, my friends, have found a simple way to make your brushes as clean as the day you got them.

  1. SHAMPOO- Get your dirty brushes and put some shampoo on them. Make sure it's shampoo and not washing up liquid or hand wash as the shampoo is softer and will clean the brushes better. Plus it makes them smell amazing afterwards.
  2. DON'T RINSE- Once the shampoo is in the brush, rub it in. The dirt will start to come out of the shampoo already but what you need to do is wash your hands not the brush as the shampoo will wash out with out doing it's job properly. Try to get as much of the dirt out here.
  3. WATER Now is when you put the brush under a luke-warm tap and clean all the shampoo out. Rub the brushes with your hand, but not too rough as you don't want the hairs to fall out off it.
  4. DRY- Once your brushes are all clean get you need to dry them. Get a towel and run the brushes up and down it until they are moderately dry them get dab them with the towel.
  5. FINISHED- Simple as.
Five (well actually four) simple steps and you will have the tools to stop being a mucky pup.


Becky said...

These are such fantastic concise tips! I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to brush maintenance but this seems so doable. And yes that was a make-up bag as my make-shift background, I bet yours is much cleaner than mine!:) xo

Luna Lighta said...

Great tips! I'm so lazy - I hate washing my brushes haha xxx

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