Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year!

It's 2013! Exciting! Unless you're me who doesn't think the number 13 looks pretty in that sequence. Oh, I'll stop being such a downer. Hopefully you'll be having a great time rather than actually reading this post, but whenever you do happen to read it remember to make a wish for the new year! A resolution which you're going to try and keep to. This tends to mean you should avoid any gym resolutions. I'm going for resolutions of character, just changing a couple of thing which I don't really like about me. Hopefully, the effects will be good.
13 has a stigma of being unlucky, and little old me is very superstitious. However, let's look on at this year in optimism, and smile. Make 13 your lucky number this year, by making this year your year. Always remember, be you and don't compromise yourself for other people. Believe and dream and muck it up along the way. I mean, we're only human.
Remember to be fabulous- your time will come.

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