Thursday, 3 January 2013

Just some bloglovin

After realising that we received some (quite minor) traffic from bloglovin and realising that your blog can be followed there without anyone having claimed it, I - Belle - just thought it wise to inform you that I am now claiming it on behalf of all of the London-bred ladies. Don't worry, that doesn't make me some scary dictator trying to take all the credit. We're not too sure how to use this medium, but we appreciate that some people might prefer to view blogs using this medium, so we're giving a try. Medium, meaning website, we're not hiring any forms of psychic...
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a bird`s daily life said...

Hey you have such a cute blog and thank you very much for following my blog!
One of my best friends just moved to London and I heard about the rain.But don`t worry here it rains a lot too!
By the way I think it`s cool,that you claimed your blog on bloglovin!I use it to read all the blog i follow and it`s the best ever!


Natasha Gregson said...

Happy New year :)


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