Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday's music mix #15


MINI SAYS...I don't even know how I came across this song, but I do love it. I tend to revert back to indie rock, and Mates of State are a soft, almost preppy version of my fallback genre (if you can imagine that). It reminds me of lazy holidays, beaches and rock pooling, sea kayaks and fishing in a storm off a lighthouse at 5am. It would be the song that I would imagine as I rode a horse along a beach through the surf or as I sat on the lawn on top of Harrow on the Hill with Belle whilst we ate ice cream. It's a bright piece of music amidst the dreary, dark rainfall in the winter.


BELLE SAYS...Every so often I go to that little place in my head where I just imagine, and I went there the other day because of this song. Don’t judge the first part of that sentence; it’s that place where you no longer have to be yourself. Some of you might have grown of it since childhood, but some of us still hold onto it when we lie in bed at night and where we’re bored in class rooms. The song is like a boozy lullaby, and all I need to do is lie back on my bed, and let my head fall off the edge of it, and I’m transported. It’s just piano and his vocals- it’s sublime and I aint gonna’ let anyone tell me any different.


ZEE SAYS...2012 has been my favourite year of my life- so far. I feel that I’ve grown up so much and maybe you have too. I was listening to this track yesterday and I knew it would have to be my Music Mix this week as it’s now 2012. Mini introduced me to Train a while ago and I love their music. Their music makes a nice change to the awful pop songs out there at the moment which seem to just repeat lines over and over and over again, until it’s ingrained into your brain and unable to be removed. I wish you a very happy new year and hope 2013 will be just as brilliant as 2012.


GENIE SAYS...He’s another YouTube sensation, and just one of those guys you stumble across. He writes all his music and does some covers on his channel, which you can have a good stalk of by starting off by clicking the link above. This song is one of his originals and is relatively old but this week it’s been on repeat on my laptop, because I love it. He has such a beautiful voice and the lyrics just send shivers down my spine. The guitar playing is brilliant as well, he even uses it like a drum- versatile much?. It just makes me want to write music of my own even if the lyrics are the cat sat on the mat.

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