Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday's Music Mix #16


MINI SAYS...I love singing and acting (though my dancing is terrible) so getting involved in this year's musical was a must for me. Not only will it look good on my uni applications but I'll get to do something I enjoy doing and have a good laugh at the guys attempting to dance. I had my fist rehearsal last week and I've been singing bits from this ever since. Not because I need to learn my part (I do but...) but because I love the song so much. When it's performed well it's amazing, so hopefully we can do it justice!


BELLE SAYS... I'm loving the stuff from Marina's most recent album, her voice is just de-lightful. In fact, no, the fact it's not delightful is what makes it so fabulous. It's so husky for a girl, and yet you can still sing along with it. As for the song? It's pure fun, and extremely catchy. It's fun pretending to be the girl who breaks their hearts, rather than the more usual girl with her own broken heart. It's cute, childish and perhaps even a little bit cheeky. Also, watch it for the video. The boys in it are just... dayum- 'nuff said. Second more materialistic thing? Her dress when she's on the beach is B-E-A-utiful.


ZEE SAYS...I really struggled with picking a song this week, I have been “revising” for exams and that means hiding in my room, catching up on TV shows I’ve missed and not doing any revision… Subsequently (good word there) I haven’t listened to a lot of music this week. However, listening to the radio last night this just stuck in my head and would not be removed – whatever I listened to. The brilliant mix of vocal and electric sounds makes it original and lovely. Also, very, very catchy. Simple as, just go and listen. Two of us have been loving Marina, so just go and check her out!


GENIE SAYS...I have loved John McLaughin since his amazing single 'Beauitful Distaster'. It was released three years ago and he is one of those unsung heros of music. I think that is one of the reasons I love him so much. He has recently released a new single and the music is amazing. Since I have been in exams for the past week this song was exactly what I needed to make me focus. It is just a man and a piano and that is so beautiful. The lyrics are so simple and hopeful. It is perfect for anyone like me: a helpless romantic.


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Absolutely love Marina & the Diamonds! Great post!

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