Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday's music mix #17


MINI SAYS... Sad to say it’s another Footloose song this week but that’s literally all I've been listening to! I've had rehearsals every night and so it shall be for the next 8 weeks. I adore this song as I get to sing in it AND it’s awesome. 'Nuff said. It's quite soulful and the harmonies when they're done correctly are amazing. Proper jelly-leg quiver-bone stuff. It's bringing out my soul side to the point where I got asked if I nicked someone's voice box seeing as the voice didn't seem to fit the face. I'm loving this track and I'm so excited after hearing how it’s planned to be performed.


BELLE SAYS...It’s utterly beautiful. It isn’t clouded by heavy back tracks, just trickled with the sound of a piano. She has such power in her voice, even when she isn’t projecting her voice like Adele. I think there’s something for everyone in this song, something hidden, something secretive, something which is particular to each individual. It’s a doll of a song to write to, because it doesn’t feel so specifically directed towards one thing, it can mean whatever you want it to mean. Yes, it’s utterly beautiful. No, it’s sublime. Listen to it and weep- quite literally.


ZEE SAYS...This song has been in my head ever since I saw the film on Saturday. It’s definitely my favourite from the whole musical and it was portrayed really well in the film. It’s a really great tune that brings together the feelings of the French people ruined by oppression - and the film to be honest. I find this song really loud, musical, sing-y and I just particularly like it lots - so I’ll be going around in the snow this week singing it.


GENIE SAYS...I bought his 'In Between Dreams' Album last weekend when I was up in London. It was cheap and his music is so chilled out that I thought it would be perfect to focus when studying. This is the song caught my attention. Maybe it was the strumming pattern and his mellow voice that just made physics just so much easier to understand. It is one of the most played songs on my iTunes at this moment. The lyrics are brilliant too. It’s about that person that you have always been waiting for, the one person you would jump through hoops to be with but then realising you can't always be sitting, waiting, wishing on something that is first of all not worth your time and second of all just never going to happen. '’Cause waiting on love aint so easy to do.'

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