Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday's music mix #18


MINI SAYS... I'd heard this recently on the radio and it struck a chord with me. This was before I knew the song or the artist or the extra vocalist. When I finally sat down and listened to it, I adored it. In my opinion, Rihanna needs to do more of this kind of music. Her vocals are stunning on this track, complemented perfectly by indie singer/songwriter, Mikky Ekko's voice. It's just them and the piano and it proves that sometimes auto tune and outlandish clothing (or lack of) isn't the best way to go. It's a beautiful piece and I'm now off to see what the other tracks on her 'Unapologetic' album are like, and whether they pale in comparison.


BELLE SAYS... As if it were meant to be some sort of 'Fun.' themed week, Mini is also going to review their album later on in the week, of same name as the song. I'm not a huge fan of the band (well, not yet) but when I like one of their songs I like it- a lot. They just have a tune which rests well on my ears- simple as. If their music wasn't appealing enough, I'm slowly falling in love with their front man Nate Ruess. Of course I'm not so shallow for that to be my main reason as to why I even bothered watching the  music video...


ZEE SAYS... You know when you have one of those weeks where you just need to listen to some ‘girl power’ music and dance around your room? Well this week has been one of those… I love everything Katy Perry and this song has been on replay this week and ‘I just can’t get it out of my head’ – there’s another girl power song.


GENIE SAYS... I've had this on my iTunes since it was released, but never really listened to it. I had my iPod on shuffle, and this song arose and one of my boarding friends (who just happens to be called Lizzie) jumped up and started to sing along to the song. We played it again and again and I simply fell in love with it. It is such an upbeat song and the lyrics are just brilliant. I am annoyed at myself that I didn't listen to this song before hand. Three years I have gone without a song that is simply amazing.


a bird`s daily life said...

I do love Katy Perry too!!
I`m sorry this isn`t really a creative comment but I just had to shout it out into the worl,that I love Katy Perry! :)


Sara Talks said...

I love Rihanna and Katy Perry, and I'll listen to "When I'm Alone". Cool post!

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