Thursday, 17 January 2013

MUA: Makeup haul with free gift

Clockwise from top left: MUA Intense Kisses Lip Gloss in 'Quick Kiss', 'Pistachio Ice Cream' Nail Varnish, Mystical Glitter Nails in 'Mermaid', 'Siren' False Lashes, Sheer Finish Lipgloss in 'Too Much Fun', Lip Liner in 'Red Drama', F1 Foundation Brush + Fur Effect Nails in 'Fluffy Bobbin' 
Make Up Academy is only sold in Superdrug, but I found their website… how very naughty of me! If you haven’t ever heard of MUA get yourself down to Superdrug (or their website) it’s amazingly inexpensive and good quality. I received a couple of products from the line at Christmas and loved them as cheap alternatives for even the high street brands such as Rimmel and Maybelline. As I love reading about new products myself, I even googled most of these products before purchasing, so I am now going to share these beauties because I think the brand deserves more interest.


I find most cheap lip glosses terribly sticky and not very pigmented at all. But, this one – bought for £2 – is great. Brilliant pinky-coral colour, lovely shine and 90% not sticky. It lasts quite a while as well, stayed on through my breakfast and only had to apply it an hour or so later, and has a lovely vanilla scent, so what’s not to like?


This is where MUA sometimes faIls, and why it’s always best to buy things in shops. Online this colour looked more baby blue than minty and that’s the colour I was looking for. Also, I’ve never tried MUA nail varnish (at £2 I don’t know why) before but I’m also a bit disappointed with the brush, it’s cheap and wiry; meaning it leaves streaks in the layer of varnish, but I’m sure I can swap brushes with another varnish as this one is thick, quick-drying, pigmented and only needs one coat.


Being partial to a Red lip, I have been thinking about purchasing a lip liner. With this one being only £1, I thought it would be a good product to see if lip liner is for me. It is a lovely bright red, but is very soft – which means it was easy to apply. It allowed my lipstick to last for ages and also made the colour much brighter. The pencil comes with a sharpener attached to the lid – which is useful but also rather messy so I'm off to get a sharpener from Smith's.


Something I was wary about buying, but I looked up reviews using Google and they all said that the brushes were great, soft, easy to use, durable and suitable for all skin types due to the synthetic bristles. It’s probably a little tougher than I would have liked a foundation brush to be but at £3, when all other brushes seem to be around £10, I have little to complain about really.


I do love my nail art, and after not liking or purchasing MUA’s ‘nail constellations’ I was intrigued by this product. Basically the pot is filled with little tiny fibres that you coat your wet nail with, and once dry, your nails are furry… Little bit weird? I think so too, but I’m willing to give it a go. It gave my nail a furry texture, was rather fun and with £1 off online at the minute the £3 pot is definitely worth curiosity but I don’t know if it will be a best seller.


I’m good at finding free gifts and discounts, as the ladies will tell you, but this one was a complete fluke. As MUA have gained over 45,000 followers on Facebook,  I am 1 of those - may I add, they were giving away 3 free gifts to people who spent over £8. Mystical Glitter Nails in ‘Mermaid', Sheer Finish Lipgloss in ‘Too Much Fun and Online Exclusives ‘Siren’ False Lashes. I thought all these little beauties were rather lovely and very kind of MUA. The lipgloss I love, it’s a bright sheer pink, that again, isn’t sticky and stays on for ages and the nail varnish has a much better brush and applies a lot of glitter all at once. I don’t wear false lashes but have a small collection in my drawer so maybe I’ll try them out one day and be surprised.

I want to say one final word which is, MUA are a great little company but often gets overlooked because of the other high street brands out there. If there aren’t any Superdrug stores around you, buy it online, it was super quick to come, I didn't pay any delivery and it was wrapped up in about 18 layers of bubble wrap so the glass bottled nail polishes were unlikely to break, and remember you can always send something back if you aren't happy with it. Also remember, it's not always the most expensive make up that is the 'best' make up for you - and if you don't have the budget for expensive brands the high street is an amazing place for alternatives - half the time you aren't even paying for the product but the name on the label attached. 

Please Note: MUA are having a sale on their nail products at the moment - even better excuse to head over there!


Trina said...

Mint must be a tricky color, because I had the same problem with the only polish I've bought online.

canvasofculture said...

the nail color looks so pretty! Love that its named pistachio lol

Roses and Rockets said...

MUA is amazing, it's nearly always sold out in the Superdrug near me! Cheap and cheerful.

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