Friday, 11 January 2013

Nail varnish heaven #1

I like to paint my nails, who doesn’t? However, over the Christmas holidays I seem to have picked up an insane amount. I promise you I didn’t buy all of it, most of it was given to me as Christmas presents. It’s very hard to find good reviews on nail varnish, so I thought I would do the kindest thing and review all of them. Might take a couple of posts...

·         NYC: INA MINUTE IN ‘WEST VILLAGE’ is a lovely midnight blue with purple shimmer. The nail varnish is really quick drying which is great as you will need two coats. Found this in the Sale box at Superdrug for £1.79 but they still have a similar colour- prince street- and for the same price. 
·         NYC: INA MINUTE IN ‘TIMES SQUARE’ is a bright neon pink that is ready and waiting for that amazing ‘British Summer’ weather… Well, if the sun isn’t shining your nails may as well be. Really quick drying and found in Superdrug’s sale box again £1.79 but a similar colour is bubblegum pink.
·         REVLON: LIMITED EDITION IN ‘SOFT SANDS’ – I found this in Poundland, and that is 100% the truth. For a nail varnish that retails for £5 I couldn’t possibly pick between two shades and bought both on offer. ‘Soft Sands’ in a pale, shimmery, pearly gold and will either go over another darker colour or be layered to be its own colour. Sadly as this is a ‘Limited edition’ the only other place I found this colour was on ebay.
·         REVLON: LIMITED EDITION IN ‘STARRING ROSE’ – Again, found in Poundland, you can bet I’ll be going back there for make up in the future. A mix of dark burnt orange and dark peach this varnish also has a shimmer of gold in it. Sadly, also only now found on ebay.
·         OUTDOOR GIRL IN ‘GOLD’ apart from the original colour name, I love this varnish. Another good pound spent in Poundland as I love the bright gold of this. Similar to Genie’s silver she reviewed the gold will jazz up any outfit, and this brand is apparently sold specifically in Poundland – so don’t be ashamed.
·         MARKS AND SPENCER’S OWN BRAND ‘RED’ – Thank you Mini, who added this to my wonderful Christmas prezzie. A staple red will always be a colour I come back to and for being an own brand cosmetic it’s pretty good quality. I would suggest another red which won’t break the bank to being ‘Fire Engine’ from Collection 2000’s range at £2.99.


Trina said...

I looove that first Revlon color. Too bad it's limited edition.

Your blog is adorable, by the way! I love your color choices.

Natasha Gregson said...

I love NYC nail colours :) I find them so good especially when you consider the price!!


Ivy Gold said...

I can't believe the pound shop one's! Especially the Revlon colours, that 'Starring Rose' one is lovely :)

Kate Lees said...

Love Revlon nail polish x

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