Friday, 11 January 2013

Nail varnish heaven #2

So here concludes my marvellous review of all the vanishes I received and bought over the festive period. These I have all received from lovely friends and family and are also much easier to find for yourself. You might go as far as to call these the better ones.

·         BARRY M IN ‘RED WINE’ – Barry M varnishes always annoy me, the pigment is really vibrant but sometimes doesn’t always turn out the way you expect. Also, they go onto my nail really thickly and don’t dry quickly – and being someone who paints their nails 10secs before they go out means it smudges everywhere. This dark red is also an easy step into the burgundy trend for those who are wary.
·     3 PACK OF MODEL’S OWN INCLUDING ‘PURPLE PASSIONCONCRETE MIXER  AND ‘BETTY BLUE I love Models Own nail varnish but with a £5 price tag it’s not one I buy on a regular basis. It’s fast drying, super pigmented so only needs one full coat and barely chips. So for the £5 you are definitely paying for the quality over the name.
·     RIMMEL: CRACK YOUR COLOUR TOP COAT IN ‘BLACKGRAFFITI  AND PRECIOUS STONES IN ‘DIAMOND DUST’ AND‘RUBY CRUSH’- I have Belle to thank for these 3 beauties and I commend her in her choice. A black Crackle top coat always comes in useful when trying to jazz up nails and my old Barry M one is rather old and lumpy now – warning, that happens. The 2 Sparkly ones are fabulous, the mixture of small and bigger glitter particles means they really sparkle and stand out and I think they are perfect for doing my ‘Ombre Glitter Nails.

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miriam ellen said...

Love that Barry M one its gorgeous, however I know what you mean bout smudging but someone as clumsy as me has that problem with any nail varnish ahaha xox

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