Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pretty Polly 100 Denier Super Soft Opaque Tights

Now, I know these are a really odd thing to review but with the "Beast from the East" making its way over (and having the snow hit my area), I was in desperate need of warmer tights. Last week in the cold I'd been wearing 2 pairs of 40 denier tights and that's just not a viable option seeing as I have limited numbers of them. So I sent mam out into the wilderness and she came back with these and they are seriously the softest tights I have ever worn ever. They're warm like woolly tights but look more like nylons (which is always good) but on the downside they're £7 a pair. Even then, I suggest you invest in some, and just try not to rip them...

Wanna' buy, well just click here dearies. They're reduced to £5.25 for the meantime.

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