Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sales haul: chandelier earrings, stone arrow collar, hoop earrings + super liner perfect slim liquid eye liner

I went for a little sales shopping spree with the mother recently, and just thought I'd share my find with you. Some really good bargains were found (not quite as good as my Covent Garden finds, but good none the less).
  • GOLD- FRAMED BLUE TRIANGLE CHANDELIER EARRINGS (£2.10): Bought because chandelier earrings are beautiful (they move so fluidly) and it was so cheap- that price tag was irresistible. The colours make them more casual, than just being entirely gold as most chandelier earrings tend to be.
  • STONE ARROW COLLAR (£8.25): The colours are beautiful, are they not? You can buy it online. It integrates this trend for triangles and heavy necklaces circulating, without looking like a torture weapon in its own right. Layered over a blue chiffon top, and you've got a winner. I'd avoid wearing really big earrings with it, it's an eye-catching piece enough on its own.
  • MULTI STONE HOOP EARRINGS (£2): They're so light, and pretty too. I have an issue with heavy jewellery (my lobes get sore really easily) so light jewellery is fabulous. By being so light, they have that sort of bounce when you move. They are delightful. I could find these online, but just for you I found alternate multi stone hoop earrings for £3, and dare I say it, they might even be nicer.
  • SUPER LINER PERFECT SLIM LIQUID EYE LINER BY L'OREAL PARIS: Bought as a replacement, this eye liner is an absolute winner. Easy to apply, it brightens up my eyes, and I shall be using ever day going to school, because pretending to be awake is absolutely essential there.


Heidi-likes said...

I love that necklace, the colours are so pretty x

Chloe said...

I think the necklace is gorgeous, I have a similar one but it's plain gold! I keep meaning to pick up new eye-liner & the Loreal ones keep popping up x

Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

Annabelle said...

Those are some really great finds!
And thank you for the liner recommendation

Marta said...

That necklace is beautiful :)x

Luna Lighta said...

I absolutely love this necklace! It's gorgeous! xxx

Abigail said...

Oh wow, I want all of the jewelries on the first photo :) Great picks!

By the way, let me know if you'd like to follow each other. Also, I've updated with a new post on my newly purchased 6-set stud earrings :)

charlotte wynne said...

the colours of the pendents are lovely!


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