Thursday, 10 January 2013

Slurge or steal: Naked Palette by Urban Decay vs. 12 Shade Undressed Palette by MUA

Naked Palette by Urban Decay, accompanied by Eyeshadow Primer Potion


Whilst I believe that the MUA palette is a great alternative (and something I would probably buy- more affordable) that is not to say I think it is better. Urban Decay is inevitably going to be more pricey, but for reasons much more significant than their marketing. Urban Decay is a relatively new brand, and therefore cannot get away with cheap quality just because they are a brand name. It is worth considering that Urban Decay claims to be vegan and free from animal testing, such means are instinctively going to make the price up. You pay for care.

In theory you're paying £3 for each eyeshadow, but the set also includes a shadow brush and a primer (which in itself costs £3-4). Please note that the primer is not pictured.Many would argue that for what you get the price is reasonable. The quality of the eyeshadow itself is fantastic. I would disagree with Zee when she says that the colours are similar. Whilst they share the same neutral colours, further to the right of the Naked Palette the colours differ. In my opinion, the MUA palette, is purely natural based colours, whilst the Naked Palette seems to have more of an edge. It's like smoky natural colours. They have more of a grit, and darkness to the colours. In fact, they range to much darker colours. Similar does not be the same. Why go for a slice of cake, when you can have the whole thing? Whilst the MUA palette is an adequate alternative, in my opinion you cannot compare it by saying that the price justifies the quality. I'd rather pay more for good quality, than compromise, especially when it's makeup that's concerned.
12 Shade Undressed Palette, by MUA


After asking for the Urban Decay Naked Palette for Christmas, and receiving this instead, I decided that ‘it would do’ until my birthday in March. However, Belle told me that her wonderful Mummy had bought her the Naked Palette for Christmas. Insert my smile hiding my jealous face.When I saw her, I asked if I could see it. Having both palettes in front of me I struggled to see the difference between either of them. All 12 colours are basically the same, the main difference being in the colour ‘Hustle’ but honestly do you really want to wear burgundy on your eyes? It looks much better in the form of a skirt or jumper.

For a long while I argued with Genie about the different products and which was better. She argued that the Naked Palette was better quality, more pigmented and just nicer. Where I have already said the colours are basically the same, and when I compared them the only difference I noticed was the MUA palette was more creamy and the Naked palette powdery in consistency. Which probably means you use less of it, but at £4 I think you can afford to buy the MUA one again. Actually you could buy 9 MUA palettes for the price of a Naked palette… Just going to leave you with that thought.


KylieR said...

I love my MUA undressed palette, it's the only eye shadow I use at the moment! Never tried the Naked one!! BTW your rainbow cupcakes in your other post are absolutely adorable!!! Love your blog but GFC wouldn't let me follow :(
Will try again another time x

Corinne said...

I've never tried anything by Mua, but I just got the naked 2 palette and I love it!

Corinne x

Kate Lees said...

I bought Naked 2 last year and love it! x

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