Saturday, 12 January 2013

Soap and Glory: Glow Business Skincare Kit

Clockwise from top left: Soap & Glory Bright Here Bright Now, Soap & Glory Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser and Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes
I love, love, LOVE Soap and Glory products. Not only do they smell delicious (I had to put a "do not eat" sticker on my Breakfast Scrub to remind myself and my brother as it smelt so good), they do wonders for your skin and they're relatively cheap too, and easy to get hold of. Nearly every Boots I've been in stocks Soap and Glory; I just wander around sniffing the products and sighing. I also end up getting stared at like I'm demented but, that's life.
I got this kit for Christmas, and it contains a 'Fab Pore: Hot Cloth Cleanser', with a cloth, a 'Bright Here Bright Now: Instant-Radiance Energy Balm' and a 'You Won't Believe Your Eyes: Tired-Eye Brightening Moisture Serum', all in a pink box. Which I'm so keeping because I'm a box obsessive (you wouldn't think so if you saw my room) and a pink houndstooth one takes the biscuit.


Contains sweet almond, orange and lavender oils which give a wonderful scent along with panthenol, a vitamin B5 agent which improves hydration, reduces itching and inflammation of the skin and accelerates and improves healing of wounds and breaks in the skin (spots for example). And man, this thing is good. It left my skin feeling all soft and smooth and... I know happy skin seems an odd concept but that's what it was like. You know when you eat an ice cream or something and everything is perfect (up until you get brain freeze), it was like that. I sat for 2 hours in front of the TV stroking my face. Which has probably undone all the good the cleanser did...


Contains apricot kernel oil, aloe Vera and face firming active instantight 2 technology to soothe the skin and reduce any puffiness caused by the moisture. The aim of this product is to moisturise the skin before makeup application and help give a radiant glow under your makeup, making you look healthier without your makeup looking greasy. I used this instead of a moisturiser and even though I didn't really see a significant difference to normal, I do have relatively oily skin so it may be more obvious on those with dryer skin. I did like how it felt on my skin and how quickly it sunk in allowing me to easily apply makeup over the top of it.


Contains instantight technology and puffease 360, both ideas specially from Soap and Glory which reduce blotchy swollen under-eyes and leave a smooth base for makeup application. This was the one product I was a tad sceptical about and turns out I was wrong to be unsure. It evenly reduces all puffiness under the eyes and sinks quickly into the skin so is useful for 5 minute makeup application when you tumble out of bed in the morning looking like you've been dragged through a hedge backward and then have approximately 5 minutes before you have to leave the house.


Mónica :) said...

These products look so good, I have to try them! Do you know if they're available in Spain?
Kisses :)

Mónica <3

Penny and Polaroids said...

Soap and glory is the best! love the smells too!

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a bird`s daily life said...

Oh my gosh,this box is sooo adorable!
Product number 3 would be perfect for me,as I always get up in the morning with no time at all!I prefer sleeping to doing my make-up,at least in the morning!


LuxeLifeAspirations said...

Love Soap & Glory - smells fab :)

Zee Leonard said...

Replying on behalf of Mini - I've just looked up S&G's website and found that it is unfortunately not available in Spain, at the moment. But I've looked on the Spanish version of eBay and British sellers are selling it there! Before you buy anything look on other blogs for reviews and come back to ours as I know, for a fact because I've written some, there will be more Soap&Glory product reviews in the not so distant future. Xx Z

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