Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Some Nights- Fun.

I've kinda been wanting this album for a while now and then my momma turned up out of the blue with it the other day (I assume she'd been sale shopping). Fun, were one of the biggest breakthrough acts of 2012 with the release of 'We Are Young' featuring Janelle MonĂ¡e reaching number 1 in February, the consequent release of a second single 'Some Nights' along with their first album named after the single seemed natural. I really enjoyed Fun. last year and they made my spring just that little bit brighter, I do seem to recall and I'm hoping they do again this year.


There are so many songs on this album that I adore so narrowing it down to 1 or 2 was really difficult. I've decided to go for track 6: 'Why Am I The One?' which I really enjoyed and have spent much of my time singing along to. It's simple and easy listening but also causes you to empathise with the speaker which is always good. It's a sad song without sounding sad and that's quite enjoyable. I'm also going to put out there that my disc has a bonus track: 'Out On The Town' and I was debating whether or not to put that as my play song and I've realised I have to just because it's one of my favourites on there and there's no reason why I shouldn't. It's an amazing song and I'm quite sad it's only a bonus track as some people may miss out and I kinda feel sorry that they'll miss the awesomeness that is 'Out On The Town'.


It'll have to be track 5: 'It Gets Better' and thank the Lord almighty it does otherwise I wouldn't be so taken with this album. I guess this is a very good example of when auto tune goes bad. It just didn't seem right. I played it to my dad who has a similar music taste to myself and he was trying not to cry by the end of it. I doubt it'll grow on me like some of the tracks on other albums do. It may have been Fun. trying to do something different and ingenious but in my opinion it didn't work and it's quite sad because I love the rest of the album and just that one song lets it down.


I quite like the album art. It's very simple and very structured and doesn't draw away from the fact that this is music and not art. You're paying for the song and not the cover art. What did confuse the living day lights out of me was the booklet. For starters, it's more a pamphlet like those fold up ones people put through the door advertising things. It's just a long strip that's been folded to fit in the case. I don't know why they did it or if I got some ratty ass copy or what was happening there. The writing is very small but the font used makes it legible and easy to read. Simplicity is what the artwork is really about.

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