Friday, 18 January 2013

The 2nd Law- Muse

I managed to attend the Olympics and Paralympics in the summer. Not only that, I also was lucky enough to help out as a games maker in the Aquatics centre. Now, even though I was there primarily to watch the sport (and gawk at Phelps and Locte's stomach muscles) the one thing I distinctly remember was the video played at the show-jumping. It contained clips from past Olympics to the official Olympic song, 'Survival' by one of Britain's greatest modern music sensations, Muse. So I got the album for Christmas and attempted to play it on Christmas morning before breakfast and was promptly murdered by my mother. But it's got some absolutely beautiful music on it, and I'd suggest giving it a chance.


I really enjoyed this whole album to be honest. My brother and I have spent the weekend air guitar-ing round the dining room instead of doing work but YOLO! I really enjoyed track 2: 'Madness' because after watching Muse at the opening ceremony (and what I've known of them previously) it wasn't what I was expecting at all. And that was nice because it was a good surprise compared to finding dog shit on your shoe. The other one I absolutely adored was track 5: 'Survival', the song from the Olympics. You know it, no explanation needed.


Like I said, I enjoyed the whole album so picking the skip song was quite difficult. There would be no song I'd discard completely but the one I enjoyed the least (even though it was the best to air guitar to) was track 11: 'Liquid State'. It just seemed too heavy positioned where it was on the track list. Maybe if it had been put closer to the beginning of the disc, I would have found it an easier track to listen to. Admittedly it's short, so anyone mulling the thought of entering the realms of heavier rock would do well to listen to this track.


There were 2 reasons I was attracted to this album: the fact it contained the Olympic song, and the album art. It's so attention seeking, almost like a small child with paint. The bright colours stand out strongly against the plain black background and they draw your eye straight to the album. I love the back cover, where the names gradually changing colour remind me slightly of a paint chart but also help build the album subconsciously. I wasn't really expecting lyrics in the booklet so was pleasantly surprised. They're neatly laid out and easy to read so I've even attempted singing along. And I never thought this day would come, but I do like the pictures. I think they're unrelated (one looks like a hedgehog got let loose with the hair dye) but knowing my mind there's probably some great deep meaning... Oh well, I just like them as pictures. However, what does get on my wick is the fact that the booklet and disc go in the same slot. My OCD is calling.

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