Sunday, 6 January 2013

Unorthodox Jukebox- Bruno Mars

This was one of the many CDs on my Christmas list and has been playing non-stop since. I love Bruno Mars' swing vibe and the energy that runs through the songs. It is modern, old style music. The stuff I can imagine people dancing to in the 50s in the poodle skirts (if you remove the foul language). Paired with his astonishingly soulful vocals and beautiful harmonies, these songs are stunning creations and a great follow up to his first album.


I have a couple of songs on this album that I really adore. The first is track 3: Gorilla. I guess I like it because it comes as such a contrast to the first 2 songs on the album. It’s slow, sensual with a heavy drumbeat. And the thing is, I shouldn't like it as much as I do. Momma and I had it on in the car the other day and we both knew all the worlds way too quick. The second is track 7: Natalie. This is more Bruno's typical jazzy music and the lyrics just make me laugh. It's about a girlfriend who clears his pockets of his hard earned cash and then makes a run for it.


Out of the songs on the album, the one that I like the least (because I like all of them to be honest), would be track 9: Money make her smile. It just didn't appeal to me in the same way that some of the other tracks did. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe it won't and I'll always have a questioning moment over that song. I guess only time will tell.


I have a bit of a problem with the album art for this CD- mainly because I do like the booklet to have the lyrics in. It really frustrates me when they don't because then I get a bit unsure whether I'm singing the right words or not and then google becomes my new best friend, and much of the time it turns out I was singing the correct lyrics in the first place. Eugh, waste of my life! Apart from this, I love the filtered photos throughout and the reference to the song 'Gorilla' on the front and back cover (that's the man in the giant monkey costume if you hadn't noticed) and the front cover tying in the title of the album.


Martha Woods said...

I like Bruno's new album much better than some of his earlier stuff. It has such a groovy 70s throwback sound to me. <3

Milex said...

really, how good is this!

Kate Lees said...

Great review, always love Bruno's music x

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