Sunday, 6 January 2013

Your shopping bag is under your seat...

Where did people spend their Friday nights? Hmm? Partying? In a pub? At home, watching tv? Having a nice time? I however was when I first wrote this post sat in Gatwick airport waiting to board my delayed flight to the middle of nowhere for New Year's with family. And seeing as air travel is so unpredictable, I had got there majorly early. Which gave me loads of time (plus time for delays) to do something I truly love: shopping.
I adore airport shopping, especially now Gatwick have got their act together and sorted out their duty free; Mac, Kiels, Bare Minerals, Benefit, Clarins... All on the cheap! Not to mention fragrance and handbags. There are always some things that you can do to make your airport acquisitions just a little easier, and just a little quicker so you don't miss that all important flight.
  • CARRY ON BAG: If you plan to shop in the airport, bring a generously sized carry on (but remember, there are limits on sizes so check with your airline). I've currently got a large black leather shopper with me which contains my life's contents in the bottom. However, pack as much as possible in your case. All I tend to need is my phone, iPad, my little black book (given to me by Belle), some pencils and any work I have to take with me. Everything else can be packed in your case. This means you don't need to have so many extra bags to cart around. One lady across from me currently is in possession of a handbag, a Kurt Geiger bag, 2 Superdry bags and an Accessorise bag. I feel for her when she has to pick up her luggage at the other end. Having a large carry on means you can fill it with your purchases making life a bit easier at the luggage carousel later on.
  • CHECK BEFORE YOU TRAVEL: My worst travel shopping memory was turning up to the airport to find my favourite shop was no longer there. Most airports have a list of their shops and duty free counters on their website. This means you can figure out what you want prior to getting to the airport. You can also have a look at deals (70% off some things in Accessorise!) and check other retailers to see if its actually worth bothering. Sometimes the duty free price is only a marginal difference to the normal price. And if your not that desperate, there's no point spending. Remember, it's all well and good buying everything you want, but you have to get it home again.
  • KNOW YOUR LIMITS: If you plan to buy alcohol or cigarettes, there's a limit on the amount you can take through customs depending on where you're traveling to and from. Make sure you know your limit and if not, ask in Duty Free and the assistants should be able to tell you. Also, when shopping on your way out, remember you budget and your suitcase allowance. There's no point spending a fortune at the airport if that's going to leave you penniless for the rest of your holiday. You might find something that you want slightly more that that cheaper makeup item you don't use anyway.

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