Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A single girl's guide to Valentine's

Valentine’s day. Eww... As if my life isn't bad enough being surrounded by happy couples for the rest of the year, they managed to select a special day for all things lovey dovey. Wonderful. Surprisingly, I'm not a complete and utter Scrooge about Valentine’s, but having listen to my friends planning what to get their boyfriends for the past 3 weeks it's getting to the point where I'm a tad tired of it. Therefore, I feel top tips for surviving this holiday must be shared...


I currently have a small number of single friends but that doesn't mean I can't have a laugh. 2 of my friends and I plan to go out on Valentine’s and see if any of us can actually get a date on the day. If anyone lives in London you'll probably find us stood outside Earls Court with a box of chocolates and sad faces as we are laughed at by the population.


Eating your weight in Ben and Jerry's is a bit of an extreme way to survive Valentine’s but I am planning to make #foreveralone cakes and single pringle cakes and then laugh in the faces of those in relationships as I happily eat cake whilst they don't get any. Genie's boyfriend is disgusted by this idea as he loves my cakes and HE'S NOT GETTING ANY *insert evil laugh here*. Even better, think of all the discount chocolate boxes afterwards!


If your life is really, drastically going downhill, and you feel so desperate and alone you don't think you can make it through this lovey dovey holiday, fear not! Find a friend (which I assume you have many of) and have a 'chum date'. Go to the cinema or out for lunch and just have a laugh with your friend/s. Valentine’s is about sharing the love, and who do you love more than your friends and family?


Sammie said...

I love this haha! xx

Annabelle said...

First paragraph is so relevant to me XD I told my best friend she's not allowed to talk to me me about her Vday plans which she has very kindly stuck to.
I like all of these ideas. 15th of Feb is S.A.D (Single Awareness Day) which I'm spending with friends and making crepes :D. Good luck getting a date on the 14th!

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