Sunday, 3 February 2013

Belle's big day out (Charity shop haul)

I had a fun little charity shop run around with my ma the other day, and found some absolute gems. Everything featured above was found in a charity shop, minus the last blazer. My lovely little buys helped to aid The Children's Society, Cancer Research UK, YMCA, FARA and Cats Protection. You help yourself and someone else at the same time. I have so much love for charity shops.  

  • JANE SHILTON LEATHER BACKPACK (£5.49): Just a lovely little item, non? I love the appearance of rucksacks and backpacks back on store shelves, and this piece was an absolute steal, and is abiding by that leather trend circulating right now.
  • MUSTARD DRESS (£8.00): It's a great colour for a pale lass like me, because it's not one of those nudes which just wash me out. If anything it's a colour which might do badly on tanned girls! Oh, for once...
  • NECKLACE (£5.95): I adore this. I know it's a little strange, but it looks lovely, especially on the previous dress. You can find right little gems like this scattered in charity shops or areas such as Covent Garden Market.
  • PAOLO NUTINI TOP (£1.49): For once I have bought a band t-shirt of someone I actually listen to instead of awkardly having to tell people I don't really listen to them and bought the t-shirt on sale because the price was too good to pass on... My tip for band t-shirts? Buy them a bit small. Sometimes they have really unflattering cuts, and at least a bit small they could at least hold onto your curves more, if not end up passing off as some new band crop top.
  • 'KING ARTHUR AND THE HOLY GRAIL' + 'ON LIBERTY' (£3.00 EACH) AND 'LOLITA' (£1.00): Books, simple as. One should read, and enrich their studies. Well, at least have a go at it. That's my aim.
  • NEXT CHOICE NAVY BLAZER (£18.00): The only thing I didn't get from a charity shop, isn't this lovely? The collar and the blazer are actually different materials, and it's beautifully lined. Better than any blazer I've seen in Zara recently, and you know their blazers are pretty nice.


Gabii said...

Love the nude dress!

a bird`s daily life said...

Wow,you found really cute things!I love thrift and charity shopping!


Sophie Chappell said...

That dress is gorgeous! As a fellow pale girl, I love mustard coloured dresses :)

Sophie x


love dress very pretty.
follow back, if you like ;)

BlueVoiletHearts said...

wow great finds. thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog :)
your blog is amazing. now following and looking forward to more posts!

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