Sunday, 17 February 2013

Belle's weekend buys: charity shop finds plus a bargain from Next Choice

Yes, I did it again. I had one of my little charity shop run-around and there happened to more lovely lovely things! Aren't I a lucky dumpling? Just nod and ignore my weirdness please, I'll just carry on with the actual post rather than referring to myself as my favourite kinds of food... My little buys this time helped to aid Cats Protection and YMCA.

  • FLORAL SKIRT (£5): I shan't lie. Being the prim and proper gally I am I did put the skirt on first with the zip to the back, only to discover the zip was supposed to be at the front. It's originally from H&M in case you wanted to know. I think it's a pretty yet edgy little skirt which will be perfect for parties I will hopefully attending in the future. Those colours are great for summer or winter, so anytime you wanna' have a party guys, I'm cool with it.
  • DROP EARRINGS (£1.49): They're gorgeous and were incredibly cheap- win win, right? As for you hygeine freaks, there are ways of cleaning things used by others... Don't be so afraid to buy things second hand.
  • BLUE TOP (£6): Again, another bargain in the bag. I bought it from Next Choice, and I think it's gorgeous (Genie agrees). Blue is a great colour for a pale chica like me and that cut and than material oozes class- no, actually, it screams it. Screams it right out loud.

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Holly Busyxbees said...

i love that skirt ! :)

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