Friday, 22 February 2013

boohoo's 'Danni Heavy Bleached Wash Denim Dungarees'

WHERE FROM? boohoo

So, those of you who religiously read all the posts on this site (I can guesstimate none of y'all) can skim over this bit. For those of you that don't, I'm currently 3 weeks away from a performance of Footloose and needed something to wear. The character I play is incredibly unsubtle, ditzy and VERY southern American (USA not Mexico). So the only acting I have to do is put on an American accent. 

I wanted an outfit that would make my character stand out and when I saw these dungarees I knew they would be perfect. The shipping was really efficient but I had a problem with the sizing but that's most probably because I'm an awkward shape. I had to buy a size 12 so they would fit my hips but they're too loose at the waist. I like the pocket on the front (very useful for putting my phone in) and the traditional dungarees poppers so you can swap the straps about. I'm liking the loose thread detailing around the legs. However, major warning is that due to the high waist, these come up quite short. Well, in my opinion anyway!

However, they are a great everyday item as well. I feel that these dungarees are just as easy as dresses, but more laid back. In the summer, I'll just be shoving them on with a t-shirt, some flip flops (or Toms) and a pair of sunglasses and I'll be good to go. Until then, I'm layering them up with tights, charcoal grey tops and a leather biker. 

MOTO Dusty Pink Dungarees - Topshop - £48
Mid Wash Turned Up Short Dungarees - River Island - £30 
(If you find full length dungarees, they can also look really cool and fit with the western look which appears to be big this year... I blame Dallas).

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bambi legs said...

these are gorg! roll on summer when we can all get our dungarees from out the bottom of our wardrobes :) xx

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