Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Films vs. books

On a Friday night, if the boarding girls and I stay in we watch a movie. It's a typical girls night in: poppcorn, take out and a ridiculous movie that we will cry in at least once. This week, because of the snow, we decided to walk a "Walk to Remember".  I love the book (I’ve previously reviewed it here), it’s beautifully written and it’s a brilliant love story so I was so excited to watch it. I had high expectations. It’s safe to say I was disappointed. As a movie it was very well directed and the acting was pretty good, so as a movie it was good. However, compared to the book, it was awful. They changed the story line too much and it lost a lot of the meaning that the book had. It got me thinking: are books or films better?

Now, I'm the type of girl who will always prefer the book to the movie, but that is because I love books. Still I can't argue that films do make the book more popular. It's done it with the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and unfortunately Twilight. In fact Harry Potter hype probably doubled with the production of the films. They are some of the most well interpreted films from a book that there is. There is the flip side to that Twilight was made into this world wide sensation when the books in the first place weren't the best written things in the world. (Sorry to any twilight fans and fyi team Edward).  One thing that I do love about the film is that they do spread the story to more and more people and that's a brilliant thing, especially when reading is seen as such an uncool thing to do.

There are a few things that a film no matter how go the acting is can't get across. Firstly, the thought process of the writer and each character- those thoughts that they think when they are looking longingly out of the window on a very long train journey. Plus with a film, the imagination gets taken away from it. You don't get to choose how the character looks like or how blue the sky is on the cloudless day. With a book there is a different dimension with the story you become a part of it and that is what I love so much about books. 

For me there will never be anything better than a good book with a hot chocolate and reading to my heart’s content.


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Sara Talks said...

I think some books are better but for example, I don't know why, I prefer watching Twilight's movies rather than the books...hahaha! Great post! http://www.saratalks22.blogspot.com.es/

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