Sunday, 17 February 2013

Genie's weekend buy: my new boot love


Now boys will come and go and break your heart in doing so but shoes will never fail you. Ooh, quite poetic. It is the winter season and I have finally fallen in love with a pair of boots. Ones with no heel so it is actually safe to walk around in the puddles and ice that seem to be coming and going here in the countryside. They have great grip and the pink (in real life, the photo seems to defy my apparent reality) just adds a bit of colour to whatever outfit I wish to wear it with. My friend had ordered them off ebay and they turned out to be way too big for her but the perfect size for me so I simply bought them off her. Even though they were sold on ebay, they were orginal ASOS shoes and I found similar ones here. They are a bit pricey but for leather shoes with a good grip it is so worth the money.

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Kate Lees said...

Love these, amazing red detail x

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