Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine's indeed for all those loved or liked up out there. We wish you the most joyous day! Well, sort of, we are begrudging single girls after all, but for the sake of being kind we'll share something with all of you *internet love* We can tell you're all most happy now.

But seriously, for the sake of our future selves, we hope today is a good day, whether you're coupled up or as the kids these days are saying are a 'single pringle'. Just enjoy it, it only comes around once remember! Let that other person know exactly what you mean to them. Boys, this finally gives you a time to be emotional and soppy, without too many snide comments from your secretly jealous friends. Girls, this gives you even more time to wear that boy of yours like a badge on your arm. Yes, it gives you the right to induce us single gals with the pain of PDAs. Although, could you at least try and make it look minorly passionate or movie-like? For the sake of our plunging stomachs.

As for the singletons, don't be afraid to share the love around.

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