Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mini's shopping splurge: Rimmel and Primark goodies

Being the 'alone' people we are, this Valentine’s day, Belle, Zee and I decided to do lunch to make up for it. We tend to do this most years as we can then get together and plan how many cats we'll have in the future and how many times you can leave the house per week whilst still being classified a hermit. As well as 'doing lunch' we went shopping to cheer ourselves up. Being very poor, we stuck to cheap shops and charity shops and got some pretty good items.

Now, me being the hermit-in-training that I am, I haven't been shopping since New Year’s (but that can't really be classified as shopping as I was on an island with about 4 shops). Therefore I got to the point where I was over sensitised over everything and tried on about 200 pairs of shoes and didn't buy one pair. Oops? I did however buy some other things:

I've heard nothing but good reports about the Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel so decided to buy one finally. It's taken me so long to get round to it. I bought shade 01 which is a red (and by that I mean a proper red) colour which I thought would be safest as I wear a lot of red lippy and it never goes out of fashion.

It was 3 for 2 on Rimmel products so actually this one was £0.00. I liked the colour but more so the name made me laugh. I quite like slate grey as a colour as it’s not as harsh as black and it should look quite cool as a nail polish. I'm looking forward to trying it and maybe using it in a tutorial in the future.

I've needed a powder for a while and decided to grab a transparent one so when my foundation changes as I tan, I don't have to buy a new powder. This one has apparently been dermatologically tested to help prevent breakouts. To be honest, I'm not sure if I believe it but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and being a teenager with unpredictable skin, anything that helps is a plus.

I feel like I haven't been in Primarni in years. It always used to be a faithful friend to me but recently I've just bypassed it on my trips around. I picked up this Western style bag as I needed a small black bag and this is a steal. I like the shape and the fact there's a popper and a buckle for easy access and the studs are cute too.

I was just about to go pay when I saw a stack of these and bought one to test out (I promised Zee as she's on a beauty product spending ban for Lent). I picked up a pale French-Mani pink as I needed one so two birds, one stone and all. It seemed a bit steep at £2.50 seeing as its Primark but we'll see if it's worth it. What I didn't realise when I bought it was that it’s matt so that should be interesting to have a look at and see if it works.


Maeve said...

I wear that Rimmel powder on a daily basis, it's amazing! Does what it says on the tin - clarifies skin and doesn't break me out.
Lovely mini haul :)

Kay said...

I have the man overboard rimmel polish, have to say it's a bit too battle ship grey for my liking! Bit of a fail purchase for me :(

Victoria Jane. said...

that nail polish colour is lovely!
i need a grey for my collection

Mini Thoumine said...

I thought that a little too when I put it on my nails but I've been using it as a base for more detail. I've used it with a black and white Aztec print over the top and am currently wearing it as an accent nail with white Polkadots and the rest of my nails are mint green and it looks really cool :) x

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