Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mini's weekend buy: Oversized gold hoop earrings

HOW MUCH? £9.00

I have an odd relationship with earrings. I fall in love with some, wear them for ages and then never wear them again. However, the ones I've resorted back to time and time again are hoop earrings. Mine were very small with intricate patterning and (I know it's rank but) I stole them off my mum. 

I then thought about getting some bigger ones but was very scared because where I live, big gold hoops = chavtastic. But I've seen them stepping back into the light recently and looking more classy. Jessie Ware for example wears hers with pride, as does Lana Del Ray and Kyle from Real Housewives, (my favourite programme ever) is never seen without hers. When I saw my friend in some Friday night, I knew I had to invest and bought myself these beauties.

They hang a little more than halfway down my neck but don't touch my shoulders. They're circular to start with but are flattened out at the bottom which makes them slightly more interesting. And they're also really light because they're so skinny so no stretched earlobes for me! I'm excited to wear them out and I'm pretty sure they'll become a staple jewellery item for me this summer.

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Katie Clarke said...

I love hoop earring like these ones but never can decide if they suit me or not, I think they look gorgeous but just look tacky on me, I'll give them another try, they will be so nice for summer! xx would love if you popped by! x

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