Monday, 18 February 2013

Monday's music mix #21


MINI SAYS...Not my usual kind of music, I must admit, but I was asked to sing with some of the schola boys at a charity fund-raiser at the Tower of London this week. This is my favourite out of the songs we did as I think it's so sweet and tranquil. When everyone got it right it sounded awesome and the audience (a whole load of proper rich peeps) thought so too. Yeah, it's religious, but I hope you'll enjoy it all the same.


BELLE SAYS... Calm down darling, I know some of you might be eyebrow raising at the sight of this song on this list, but I'm genuinely in love with this kid, and I adore this cover. He has so much more swag than me and he's about half my age. He makes me laugh, and feel 'gangsta' at the same time. Why did I pick this song? I like his twist on the lyrics, despite my angst at a kid having an iPhone. Also, I feel proper street when I sing the 'head's spinning like a helicopter, 'cause I, 'cause I just got in trouble with the monster' line- yeaaah boi. 


ZEE SAYS... Another song from my drama play this week, it’s all I’ve been living, breathing and eating recently (not literally of course). We use this at the beginning of my scene and I honestly love it. It’s been in my head constantly and will not be removed! The haunting tune and simple piano notes in the background make this powerful, lovely and oh so perfect. I know ‘Evanescence’ have been around for a long while but I never really listened to their music, until now.


GENIE SAYS... This song sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it. Beyonce performed this for the United Nations World Humanitarian Celebration. The lyrics touch my heart as it’s all that we wish for- for people to remember us. It’s one of those songs that inspire you and make you want to do something worthwhile. It's my new pick me up song. Beyonce's voice and the music is just phenomenal. I love this song so much.

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