Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday's music mix #22


BELLE SAYS...So I lied, I love Fun.. In a previous post I said that I’m not well acquainted with their music, but every since getting their album (and finally downloading iTunes) I’m definitely a fan. I love this one. It’s powerful but it’s also dreamy. It’s like what Little Mix’s ‘Change your life’ song should have sounded like (not that I don’t love it- it’s so damn catchy). I feel this song beckons you to sing along with it, to recognise that you too are a ‘shining star’. Another thing? Nate Ruess looks so adorable in his cropped trousers roaming around the streets at the beginning of the video. Definitely earns this song some bonus points!


ZEE SAYS...After receiving my birthday present from Mini and Genie in the post this week (tickets to The Script’s concert in March for your information) I have been listening to their new album non-stop. This being one of the most emotive songs on the CD, it is also my favourite. The lyrics just seem to scream out to all of the loved ones we have lost and have been unable to see us grow up into the people we are now.

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a bird`s daily life said...

This post is great,because I just discovered Fun and The Script a while ago and I absolutely love their music!


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