Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MUA: 3 lipsticks + eye shadow palette = less than £10

I have put myself on a spending ban after buying these products, mainly because I’m skint and have no money anyway, but let’s skip over that. For now I have 4 new and wonderful products, again from MUA: MakeUpAcademy. Don’t knock their items, they are cheap and good quality.

  • LIPSTICK IN SHADE 3 (£1): This is my favourite one out of the three I bought. I've loved it ever since I wore it to the theatre last week, wearing it every day since. It may seem a little bright for February but I’ve been so sleepy recently that I’ve needed that bright ‘pick-me-up’ lipstick just to keep me going. The bright pink will go with everything and will put a spring in your step. It makes a difference to all the red lips that have been around lately.
  • LIPSTICK IN SHADE 2 (£1): This is a luxurious dark magenta pink with a hint of gold sparkle. The colour is really lovely to wear at all times, the special formula means your lips don’t dry out and the colour stays for such a long time, which is all you want in my opinion.
  • LIPSTICK IN SHADE 14 (BARE)… OR 16 – I’LL EXPLAIN (£1): After ordering, I noticed the label peeling off and when I removed the packaging there were two labels… one saying shade 16 and one saying shade 14, so I don’t know the precise shade. The lipstick is a very bright light coral pink, but I’ve learnt I don’t like this shade on its own. Being a ‘pale gal’ with blonde hair, it’s too light. I’m good at rectifying situations though and instead of putting it straight on I paint a little bit over the Shade 3 and it gives me a lovely coral/bright pink shade which is perfect for summer.
  • UNDRESSED ME TOO EYE SHADOW PALETTE (£4): New and out last week, I wanted to get my hands on one of these before they ran out. Those clever people at MUA have come up with a dupe for the Urban Decay: Naked 2 palette. I love all the colours this palette has to offer and to show that MUA are responding to the ‘People’ they have chosen to name their eye shadows. Ok, it’s only one word (e.g. Devotion, Sky and Wink) but it shows they are growing and it just makes me a little bit happier. Again, the formula is great for £4 and the colours go on and blend together so nicely that I feel this is worth the investment… if you can call £4 an investment. I’m not sure yet if I like the new white packaging, but, I believe it is growing on me. I will at least be able to tell my two palettes.


Kate Lees said...

Gorgeous natural palette x

Sophie Edmunds said...

Love that palette! will have to get my hands on that! xx

Heather said...

The palette looks gorgeous! x


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