Monday, 4 February 2013

Music mix #19


MINI SAYS... I love this song and found this stunning rendition on one of my Daddy's 'Jools Holland' CDs. It's been on repeat all afternoon whilst I've been baking, and I've been singing along very loudly and most probably, quite out of tune as well. But who really cares? They're some of the most stunning voices to grace this planet and we may as well worship them. I may force my school’s jazz band to play it, just for me...


BELLE SAYS... I'd been avoiding this song for ages. I'd heard so much praise for it, I'd felt it being another one of those half hipster songs people praise for being 'really good music you just wouldn't understand'. However, after singing a rendition in girl's choir, I love it. His music is 'catchy' without having to sound like a computer's attacked it, and his lyrics are pure delight. I'm just really upset that I sound like weirdo when I randomly bust out the soprano harmony I sing in girl's choir on the tube. 


ZEE SAYS...I seem to listen to bands non-stop for weeks and then give up and move on. ‘Train’ is my new obsession. This song has been in my head all week and the one I've been walking around singing... Probably why I've been getting odd looks. The mix of country notes in this song make it a lovely tune and soon you too will be walking round singing it too. Let the weird looks begin!


GENIE SAYS...It’s a power song. It's all about a break up but it is done country style. Miranda Lambert is a very big name in country music and I absolutely adore her and this new song of hers. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be a sad soppy love song about her mum never finding the right guy. It's nothing like that. I was pleasantly surprised. It's all about her mother telling her to stop being crazy and to just get on with it. Boys will come and boys will go. However when you're the one with the broken heart it’s not so easy. The almost rocky sound of it just makes you want to get up and go. It's brilliant. 

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