Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Review: Lincoln

I watched it the night before the Oscar's, and effectively the night before Daniel Day-Lewis won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Lincoln, in Lincoln. Boy, did he deserve it. It's quite embarrassingly the first Daniel Day-Lewis film I've watched. Embarrassing, because he's quite a marvellous actor.

Honestly, it's remarkably strange that his portrayal has such an effect on you. Natalie Portman won the Best Actress Academy Award two years ago for 'Black Swan', and critics stopped taking bets on her winning, because it was just so obvious. The reaction to the Lincoln portrayal was similar this year, and yet Day-Lewis didn't have half of the whirl wind of events and emotions experienced as Portman had. Still, he was similarly divine to the performances which have won others Academy Awards. It was simple, and that's what made then film.

You have to understand that the film is lengthy, reaching two and a half hours, but it's well worth it. The plot sometimes drags, and yet the story of Lincoln is not ephemeral. It drags because everything has to be included so that the end has the correct effect. I watched 'The Hobbit' earlier on in the year, but unlike that film, this film has reason to be lengthy. My mama agreed that the film was a difficult watch in regards to keeping your attention focused on it, but she enjoyed it- a lot. She's seen so many films that it takes a lot to impress her, and it certainly did. She too was similarly bereft at Daniel Day-Lewis' performance. In fact, because of it I had to reassess my enjoyment of it. I'm basically a kid when it comes to my mama's opinion, and I think I'd probably have found it wonderful if they had managed to entwine a romance story for Lincoln's son, but that wasn't what the film was about. It would have undermined the purpose of the film: to present the story of the Thirteenth Amendment. 

However, since I am nothing more than a teenage girl, I must talk about Lincoln's son. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt popped out, with a little moustache and all, it took a while for me to work out it was him. He was lovely, but I must give a little more credit to Gulliver McGrath, who played Lincoln's younger son, and who provided with one of the two moments I almost cried in the film. Ooh, since we're name dropping, Lee Pace (who was in 'Pushing Daisies') plays the dashing (only because of how lovely he looks) Fernando Wood. Just thought I'd mention it if you watch films for pretty actors.

The film is quite simply understated, because the film is retelling history and to get caught up in appealing to the common audience's demands is quite simply not what makes real gritty cinema. It was a beautifully executed film, but I have to emphasize that it really is not everyone's cup of tea. However, I'd urge any of you who groan at the thought of a long film, to think of Daniel Day-Lewis, because my my he was delightful.


sharpenstyle said...

I haven´t watch Lincoln yet but it´s in my "to do" list!
What I´ve seen is Django Unchained and I loved it (except the dogs part...a bit disgusting) but I´m a Tarantino crazy fan so I´m not objective!! XD

Great blog you girls have here!! We invite you to visit ours and may be follow if you like it!

a bird`s daily life said...

Haven`t seen this one yet,but of course heard and read about it!
Now I`m definitely gonna watch it and thanks for sharing your opinion!


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