Sunday, 24 February 2013

Review: Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer

This is a product which I've been using for absolute years and I think it's time it got what it deserves: a review. I bought mine in 'ivory' because I believed that this was the lightest shade, and I'm quite pale, but I'm surprised to discover that they have even lighter shades.


The coverage of this concealer is extremely good, it manages to even out rougher skin areas (those places where you get strange indents, well, at least I do). It quite literally works like a certain polyfiller of the face, managing to make the skin tone the same colour. However, this is also where it can be a bit tricky because this 'polyfiller' effect which I've just described means that it can verge on being a little bit cakey, so you have to make sure you don't put it on too thickly, or it makes you look unbearably fake.


I find that this concealer is absolutely perfect at covering dark circles because of how thick it lays on the skin. It means that all of the colours of your bags are completely hidden. However, I must urge you to choose the right colour when you buy it, or else you will end up having a different type of bags which are not grey/black but orange or white. I do find that the concealer is not very good at covering blemishes. It seems to congregate around the spot, rather than covering over the top, which I think is because of its cakey nature. It builds up along the side rather than on top.

Here is where I have to give this product a lot of credit for I used it for years without using foundation (oh, the non-foundation years when my skin could breathe!) and it worked ell by itself for all I needed: clearing dark circles, evening out redness and 'sort of' covering blemishes. It also work particularly well with foundation, given that the colours do blend together. Sometimes I find that I have white under eyes and an orange face (even on my ivory-coloured palette).

WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? Yes, but that's probably because I trust it. I think there's something out there tailored better to my needs. 

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Elrese Voges said...

Ahh this looks great, I am using the Stila concealer or I have a Catrice palette of concealers that work very well, especially because I have wrinkles under my eyes a good one is so important :-) xo

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