Saturday, 16 February 2013

Soap and Glory bath essentials

I received this for Christmas and as you know, my adoration for Soap and Glory is up there amongst Belle's love for Eddie Redmayne and my worshipping of Cadbury's Oreo (why the hell did it take them so long to come up with that?!) So when I got this kit, I was ecstatic to say the least. It contained 'Foam Call Bath and Shower Wash', 'Pulp-Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub', 'Butter Yourself Body Cream' as well as a shower puff and hair turban.


Containing soothing peppermint essential oils, grape seed EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids to you and I) which reduce the drying effect of soap on the skin as well as a gorgeous scent produced by mixing yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence to create what Soap and Glory refer to as their Fruitigo fragrance, this wash is heavenly. It foams up really quickly and you only need to use a bit meaning the bottle lasts for ages. I will say that the scent can sometimes smell a bit odd but that might be because I share the use of a shower and my brother's products were jamming in the air. However once you've rubbed it in its fabulous. Utterly fabulous darlings!


Containing fig powder, pumice to scrub away dead and dry skin along with peppermint oil to soothe, lemonade tree liquid, orange water juice, vitaminballs to help supplement the vitamin content of the fresh skin revealed as the dead cells are scrubbed away, this scrub is an award winner. Also containing the Fruitigo fragrance, conjured by yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence, this scrub is a scent sensation.


Containing yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence to produce that wonderful scent as well as exfoliating AHAs, a carboxylic compound which stimulates the regeneration of skin cells leaving you with smoother skin. It also contains orange water juice and Shea butter to help soften the skin, peppermint oil to soothe any redness and fruit liquid fig which is not only moisturising but also an antioxidant. I'm terrible I've literally been bathing in this stuff because the scent is so good. And then I'm sniffing my arms constantly but hey ho! We'll live! It sinks in uber quickly and is super moisturising. For me it's definitely going to be a beauty staple come summer.

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Catrine said...

i am loving soap & glory at the mo! was a bit late to the party with their range but oh my there is no looking back now! xx

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