Thursday, 28 February 2013

Valentino, master of couture

I pride myself to know about fashion, well, at least knowing how to dress myself. I would love to go to fashion shows and see a real catwalk and designs and dresses I could only dream about buying. With the beginning of London Fashion Week, catwalks have been put up everywhere. One of the venues, Somerset House, just happened to have their own show for the public to see.

Somerset House has some of the most amazing exhibitions that London has to offer. Recently, they have put on a Valentino Couture exhibition. They have got his greatest work from the 1950's all the way to present day, even though he sold the company in 2008. You had to pay to get in but it was totally worth it. There were sketches from Valentino himself, letters that he had received from some pretty famous people such as Meryl Steep. It showed you some the techniques that were used to make some of his most iconic dresses. Every sequin, every crystal was sewn on my hand making the dresses even more impressive.  

The Collection of dresses were all lined up and down the sides of the catwalk while you walked up and down it seeing the amazing range of dresses. Coded into different styles with the mannequins that were colour coded into the decades of his work, you could really see how his work changed and grew with the times.  The exhibition closes on the 9th of March but you can see his complete works online at the Valentino Online Museum

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