Saturday, 16 March 2013

Electric chiffon florals in the March time snow


So Mother's Day is always a great day for many reasons besides the celebration of my mama. My dad loves taking us out to a nice little restaurant out in the country at the excuse that he wants to 'treat us' but secretly wants to treat himself. In recent years, it's my opportunity to glam it up, and walk past pretty middle (and the occasional upper) class boys dining out with their mothers, or sometimes living it up with their friends. It's the time when I most want to look 'pretty and witty and bright'.

I quite literally just threw this on after my knit and floral combination didn't work out the way I wanted it too. The electric blue top worked fabulously to pull out the sparse blue colours you can see in the skirt. Ooh, that skirt. I love midi skirts, but I have such short legs that I can never pull them off. The height of my heels solves this problem, and my chiffon skirt made me feel like an utter princess. Those heels also solve any  self-confidence problems I have. As my heel height grows, so does my confidence seem to as well. Some say it's shallow, but I just felt marginally more attractive (without showing too much flesh) and that goes a small way to making a girl feel better about herself. To be honest, I think the skirt had a lot to do with that too. It might be childish, but I loved turning around and watching my skirt swoosh with me. 

So yes, I dare to say that I felt pretty, because I felt like a princess. I felt pretty and witty and bright, and damn I pitied any girl who wasn't me that night.


victoria gates said...

This is SUCH a darling outfit!

xo, Victoria

Gen said...

This is such a cute outfit! I love it!

a bird`s daily life said...

This dress is just the cutest ever!I envy you for it!


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