Sunday, 31 March 2013

Foundation frets? Don't worry, find foundation no matter what your skin tone!

Last Saturday night a make-up artist came to boarding, for us sixth formers to learn some tricks of the trade. I picked up many tricks, that I will tell you all in due course, but there was one thing that we spoke about that I really wanted to write about. Foundation. For most people it is fairly easy to find. It may take some time for us to find it but there are lots of brands and choices that we have. However, for people with darker skin it’s much harder. So I thought I would give you top 3 places to find foundation for darker skin.
  1. Maybelline – This is the cheapest one. A high street brand that we have all heard before. One thing I like about Maybelline is their range of foundations (as well as the price). 
  2. Bare Minerals – This is a fairly new brand to me, which I discovered a few months ago while walking around in Westfield. It is on the more expensive side but there is a perfectly good reason for that. The make-up has no chemicals in it. It is completely made up from minerals. In fact, you could eat it (if you really felt like it) because there is nothing to harm you and because of this it feels like you have no make-up on. A foundation that doesn’t actually harm your face. Sounds brilliant to me.
  3. MAC -  MAC is a trusted brand and their foundation is brilliant. For me its personally my favourite brand. I know it’s pricey but the one thing you should splash out on is foundation, especially if you use it on a day to day basis.  The people in MAC are great as well so if you’re not too sure about buying it ask them to do a small demo on you and they are very willing to help.
Foundation is hard enough to find without being limited. I hope that these three brands will do the trick. However no matter what colour skin you have, shop around. Don’t just buy it there and then. Take your time, look around. That’s the best advice that I could give you. 

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bambi legs said...

I'm really eager to try Bare Mineral's as I have heard such great reviews about their products. But I would totally recommend Nars I swear by it, or Rimmel's wake up.. it's cheap but such good coverage xxx

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