Saturday, 9 March 2013

It's a splash of red darling, and what I call edge


I have a rule when it comes to red and black: they are only allowed to be near each other in the Les Miserables song of the same name. However, sometimes I break my rule, but only for very good reason. I put my acceptance of this outfit down to the fact that the jumper isn't actually black, so it's not such an eyesore. I've worn this outfit out twice recently: once when I went out with Zee and once when I went to a lecture. I'll agree, I feel a little bit like those art students I give dirty looks to on trains, but those dirty looks are usually because I'm annoyed that they've nailed it.

When it comes to nailing an art look, I have to give credit to my mama who managed to capture me in the latter picture in a very painted portrait manner. I am now ready to be the new wife of Henry VIII. Back to the outfit! I love it because it entwines this never-ending grunge like trend which has well 'infected' everyone's wardrobes. I say 'infected', because whilst I adore the catwalk pieces, I am getting sick of teens just copying what they see on tumblr. If it's you then great, but don't just wear it because it's the only thing Topshop stocks please. Sorry, I was saying... It entwines that with the regalness I believe every outfit should hold. I just feel like a classy art student, and when I pop my glasses on it completes the package.

The silhouettes are amazing in this outfit. The skirt gives me a bit of curve, whilst the jumper is slimming because it's such a straight cut (the dark colour does also help). However, it's the red that make the outfit. That's undeniable, and therefore it's the make-up in this outfit which makes it. The lipstick and the nails make a pop of red throughout and help to balance the large streams of dark colour throughout.

I love this outfit because it's actually ridiculously cheap! I bought the bracelet for a quid, and those boots were bought for a tenner in sale and the leather bag was bought seriously cheap in a charity shop. Lastly, I have to give super credit to my mum. Not only did she capture that great photo, but she's fabulous. You see that necklace? She helped make it from a bag chain and a brooch. Nifty, right? The girls and I love using up old things and making them new! Ah, I only wish for such talent *sigh*


BlueVoiletHearts said...

you look lovely, love the red skirt :)

Kay said...

Love that hit of colour, it really suits you.

HoneyBeige_ said...

haha Love the name Ladies and everything else on the blog is simply amazing as well ♥

victoria gates said...

This is super cute, Belle!!

xo, Victoria

a bird`s daily life said...

I think black and red wokr great together,as long as you low dose the red!
And I think you definitely nailed the black-red look!
I also like that you combined it with gold too!


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