Friday, 15 March 2013

Leaving soon? Bring the memories with you

It is soon approaching exam time for many people. That means holidays are soon too. However, not everyone goes back to school after the break; some (like me) end up at boarding school. Whether you hated school or loved it, it was the place were you grew up, a place where you've garnered incredible memories and met some amazing people. Where ever your life is taking you after the summer, you've got to find a way of keeping those memories close. There are year books and photos, but these are quite hard to lug around. As a few of my closest friends are leaving soon I have come up with a few ways to remember them and have something that I will be able to be apart of the furniture until I am old and grey. Let's integrate! 

I know this might sound a little random, but you can make yourself a pillow. You can put your school's name and symbol on it, or have a small  image to represent your years of being there. You could have a small word or image that you can sew on from your nearest and dearest. It's brilliant for those lonely nights that will occur. You can sit snuggled up with it, reminiscing about the better days.

This is a good idea if simple is your kind of thing. Pop a letter on each square or triangle that you make. Make them spell out the name of your school and on the back you can get everyone to sign it. It's perfect for a bedroom or even to put up in a living room (if you're feeling seriously patriotic).

This is my favourite one. I got this idea from doing Browines/Girl Guides (Girl Scouts for any Americans reading this). I use to do it when I was younger; you had a blanket that you would take to camp with you and you would sew on all of your badges you received. It was a great way of motivating for us to be good, but right now it could be a great way of remembering each of your friends. There's a patch for each friend with their name on it, and you can sew it on your blanket, so you definitely won't forget them!

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