Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday's music mix #23


MINI SAYS... I adore this guy- he's awesome. He rightfully won 2 Brit awards (British Breakthrough and Best Male Solo Artist) so hopefully he might get some more coverage. I've heard this song a lot this week, on the radio, on the cd and in TKMaxx whist I was shopping (good choice there). It's all folk-y and happy and will fit brilliantly with the spring sunshine when it finally arrives. Until then, I'm just listening and hoping.


BELLE SAYS... It's actually remarkably hard to write this whilst listening to the track in question, because I just want to get up and act it out (yeah, I'm one of those...) so bare with. I love the fact that there are just so many stages and parts to this song, and it's just so damn feel good. Mika can nail emotion, but what Mika really nails is quirkiness. I've rediscovered his music recently, and am so happy that I have. I'll finish up here so that I can get up out of my chair and sing along (point proven).


ZEE SAYS... My wonderful sister received the ‘Now that’s what I call Disney’ Album for Christmas and I have been having a nostalgia fest this week and listened to the CD on repeat. Going around college humming ‘The Lion King’, ‘Enchanted’, ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Hercules’ has not only got me a few weird looks from my fellow peers, but also a number of my friends joining in. I have decided to choose this ‘Tangled’ song for this week as I have heard too many people say “I’ve never heard it” – so, go now and listen to this song – and watch the film if you can, it’s just too brilliant to miss.


GENIE SAYS...I stumbled on this beautiful piece of music while looking at the soundtrack for the movie 'Save Haven'. A beautiful love story, by the amazing Nickolas Sparks, must be accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack and the whole soundtrack is unbelievable. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up straight. This song caught my attention. Tristan has a brilliant voice and her lyrics just make your heart melt. They are honest, and just like a letter that she never sent but is allowing all of us to listen to. An artist that gives a bit of their soul to their work- a piece like this.

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i love Mika. That song has been out for years now. feel free to check out my blog

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