Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday's music mix #24


MINI SAYS... Sad, I know. However, us showgirls were needing a little female empowerment and we settled on this and Destiny's Child. Very loudly and off key during an art exhibition may I add. I have no idea what the people wandering round thought we were doing. We were all really feeling it to the point where we got to doing Beyonce and broke into the Single Ladies dance complete with gay English teacher and pouting male choir members. An improvement on the original version I feel. 


BELLE SAYS... Oh my, I haven’t been in love with a song for such a very long time, and it pains me to say I skipped this song the first few times it came up on my iPod. Now it’s on repeat. Mumford and Sons, for me, is all about that simple yet rocky country feel they’ve got going on combined with these extremely touching and yet simple lyrics. This song certainly epitomises that. However, I’ve got to say I’m utterly in love with the parts when it’s not just Mr Marcus singing on his lonesome. Their combined voices on ‘hopeless wanderer’ are really quite something.


ZEE SAYS...Well, last week was interesting. With receiving AS module results, and the stress surrounding that, I believe that this song is appropriate for my life right now. Again, I have been stuck to my Disney tunes and been bursting into this song at random points to cheer up friends and family. It’s a wonderful film filled with wonderful songs perfect for dancing round your room to and singing at the top of your voice.


GENIE SAYS... Recently I have been in a really cheeky mood, and this is just perfect for that. 3oh!3 are a band that I forgot about until their video appeared in the related videos sections of youtube, and I have been obsessed with them since. Ke$ha features in this (well, sings a bit of the chorus), but it still adds that bit of wildness. It’s a song perfect for when you just need to let your hair down and do some crazy dancing in your bedroom- something one must do.

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