Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday's music mix #25


MINI SAYS... This isn't a band I stumbled over, my friend, Jude, is the lead singer and in this song, also the trumpet player. I liked this song as it was something different to the other music they'd been playing at gigs. Mostly covers and more uptempo things and I love the lazy, laid back vibe with the falsetto and the soulful trumpet which shouldn't really work but actually does. It's also enjoyable for me to hear another tone to his voice as I've only really heard him singing jazz and swing before (sounding like Michael Buble and it's weird... But beautiful) so I'm loving this tunage.


BELLE SAYS... I love it, for a very big reason. Long story short, I get bored so I have tons of stories in my head which float about. I basically think in film. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel like I can relay the images of these stories to make a sort of trailer of the films in my head. It’s kind of psychedelic, and you just feel the need to blink really slowly to fit with the wailing echoes all around. Oh my, it’s wonderful.


ZEE SAYS... I don’t think the Ladies have ever chosen a One Direction song in the Monday Music Mixes but as it was Red Nose Day on Friday I thought their new single, which isn’t a new song but a cover, deserved a mention. I love the original song and their cover is pretty amazing, also, their record raised lots of money for comic relief which do fabulous work for people in the UK and abroad in Africa.


GENIE SAYS... This band is amazing. To me, they are the best of British music. This is the song that made them famous. They came into the lime light and I have loved them ever since. This song came up on my iTunes and I couldn't stop listening to it. The lyrics are poetry and that is something I love. It’s just four amazing men making amazing music.


Shaie said...

love Florence. havent heard that song yet. alos I am a Directioner so I love 1D! I am seeing them for the 2nd time in concert this summer. Love Zayn he is super gorgeous. feel free to check out my blog

a bird`s daily life said...

I`m always looking for new music for my playlists!
So,I`m definitely going to check out those ones!


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