Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Review: e.l.f tinted tinted moisturiser spf 15

THE PRICE? £1.50 from e.l.f. online

Tinted Moisturiser is a product that has been in my mind for some time. I was mainly intrigued as to whether it actually worked, and if it could be used during my everyday make up routine (which always changes). While scavenging on the e.l.f. Website I found this little beauty for £1.50.

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS? The moisturiser smells really good, clean, fresh with something 'herbally' - aloe vera perhaps? I'm not too sure about the ingredients due to the lack of information on the packaging. Thumbs down for that. Coverage is light, obviously. I feel that this product is much similar to a BB Cream, however, this product soaks into your skin more and it really does moisturise it. 

HOW DO I USE IT? Well, I have been using it more as a base to put my make-up on top of. I have quite oily skin and find that foundation just slides round my face throughout the day - I have now begun to put foundation on straight after moisturizing my face. This allows the make up to soak into my skin more and it stays put for the whole day.

THE GOOD POINTS? This moisturiser does proudly promote having SPF 15, and I’m always up for putting on that on my face, as it protects from UV rays which damage your skin as well.

WOULD I BUY THIS AGAIN? Most definitely, although I think I might look out for a tinted moisturiser in a bigger pot and keep this one for travelling.


a bird`s daily life said...

I always use primer instead of moisturiser,but maybe it would help,as you say,to make my foundation last longer!
Have to google if moisturiser and primer work together and if yes,get on too!
Although yours from e.l.f. looks pretty good,I prefer products with the ingredients labelled!
Thanks for sharing this great tip!


Martha Woods said...

I might check this out--it is nice and cheap in any case!

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