Friday, 22 March 2013

Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning

The post title? 'Tis a quote from Peter Pan dearie. After watching 'Peter and Alice' in the theatre (review here), I've been rather inspired. It's funny really, I'm a child in my heart, (like Peter, I don't really want to grow up)... Oh, except I wouldn't mind it, because growing up means wearing heels and pretty dresses in my naive mind. I could hardly wear the above if I was a ten year old. Then again, Suri Cruise will probably match this outfit soon. Yes, I really envy that child's wardrobe. 

Oh, the outfit? Hmmm, what to say? I just felt really classy. I quick way to 'class' is beige and brown. A damn classy bag has to be involved- that nails the outfit. Remember, being classy is not about curves. However, it can be about legs. Just wear a skirt with a high waist line and a pair of sky-high heels and you will feel like mother superior. Not that nuns wear short skirts or heels... It's just simple, and pretty much anyone could mimic it. What makes the outfit (for me) is the beige skirt and leather brown bag, so invest in some ladies!

As for any of you amigos who think that you can't feel sexy if you don't show a bit more flesh... From my experience, you can. All you need is a good pair of heels. Walking around the theatre before the show, I got that jealous look from women who have long passed the age of being able to wear heels, and the odd annoyed glance from a girl whose boyfriend might have looked a bit too long (don't worry, I'm not some arrogant cow, it was just the one, but you get my drift!) As long as your confidence is as high as your heels, you will not only look but feel great. People can tell! 


Kamila said...

I love your shoes!

Kamila xx

Gen said...

This is so cute! Love it tons!

Kate Lees said...

Love your hat. Gorgeous outfit x

a bird`s daily life said...

I love the sophisticated touch your outfit has!


victoriagatespoetry said...

This is absolutely lovely, Belle! Love the Peter Pan reference, too! :)

xo, Victoria

(Yes, i switched my blog address AGAIN! This time, though, I'm here to stay :) Feel free to stop by sometime!)

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