Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The 'look' of love never did run smooth...

I have slowly been building up my make up collection since I was about 11. A majority of it was rubbish things that came as free gifts to girly magazines, but it was still that start of a collection. This collection sits in a lovely spot next to my desk in some brightly painted drawers. I use it as a procrastination technique. Trying out different looks on my face is now an ‘all-time favourite pastime’, so I have been thinking about ways I can actually turn this into a productive use of my time and that, in my head, means writing out a blog post. I can’t say that this is a fully original idea that ‘spouted from my brain one day’ as Louise from ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ came up with the idea of a ‘challenge’, which included creating a make-up look around a theme.

February’s theme was ‘Love’, for obvious reasons, and I decided to have a go. I wanted to create a look that was easy to recreate, subtle, and yet divine. What else do you want from a make up look? So I delved into my make up stash and came up with this, silver smokey eyes and a bright lip.

I knew straight away a bright red lip was in order so I kept the eye make up down. Silvery grey swept across the lids with a touch of matte taupe to create a lovely smokey eye. Matte skin, as always, and I haven’t even used a blusher as I wanted the focus to be on the lips.

I find this look really easy to wear and if you did want to tone it down a little, add a nude lip or just use a light pink gloss. Have fun and see what you can create under the theme of ‘Love’.

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