Friday, 29 March 2013

The name's Belle, it's been ever so nice to meet you


I recently tried to invest in my future, and in doing so, attended a Cambridge masterclass. However, whilst my education was obviously on my mind, I couldn't help repeatedly asking my friend what she was wearing. Cambridge might blare out with obvious reputation for academic prestige, but in my mind academic reputation and, well, posh totty reputation go hand in hand with Cambridge. It's just a stereotype which has stuck. I couldn't help but whisper 'posh boy' to my friend every time we passed one, and I whilst gawking at a pretty lad, I almost got ran over by a bicyle. A boy once said that all I care about is, "boys, sex and looking good", and he got two of them right I suppose, but they're certainly not the only things I care about. As for, 'looking good', I'm sure many of you ladies appreciate, like me, that the way we dress isn't necessarily about looking good, but rather looking your best and depicting the person you want to be through your clothes. Cambridge was a challenge.

I wanted to nail the student look without falling straight into looking like a first year Hermione Granger. I wanted to show that there were other sides to me. If anything, fashion is always a perfect facade for me; fashion is my wait to fit in and stand out at the same time. So, if I wanted to look like anything, I wanted to look like those, well, posh girls who I both slightly detest, but perhaps more envy, when I see them in the street, but I also still wanted to be me. I opted for knits because I think they're very student-y (I also adore the burgundy colours in both the dress and the jumper). I also wore my more preppy glasses, and found I wasn't alone on that front. That is to say, there were plenty of English students with their Rayban-shaped glasses on. The boots were to add a bit of edge, I didn't want to fall flat in that area (although I almost did fall flat, because my feet ached by the end of the day). Then, then there was the necklace and ring: the almighties. They just, hmm, they were just everything. They were class and they were different, and I saw a couple of people gawking at them. One of my friends was totally in love with the necklace, and was stunned to find out I found it in a charity shop.

How did I do? I do wonder, I wonder what the many people in that lecture hall thought. Well, almost, as long as they didn't slate me.

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Ah, cute outfit.

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