Saturday, 23 March 2013

Would I buy this again? Collection Pressed Powder + Extreme 24h Felt Tip Liner

THE BRAND? Collection

These two wonderful products are staple items in my make-up bag, but they are coming close to being used up. I have never really had to think about repurchasing items before, as I am always trying new and different products. However, I really like these products, but, I do find some flaws with them and thought I would tell you all about my experiences with the products, as I always find reviews helpful.


This powder has lasted me quite a long time; I received it as a Christmas present and have only just hit pan on this product. I apply it with a small soft powder brush over my foundation, and not only does it cancel out any shine on my face, but it sets my make-up and makes it last all day. I sometimes just even apply it over tinted moisturiser and that a) lasts till lunch when I then have time to re-apply and b) is really quick, so brilliant for when you are running late in the morning. This powder is £2 and ok, there may be better powders out there but this is great for me right now so I will be buying it again. Unless I get a different one for my birthday next week.


Miss Mini recommended this, who has recently changed her eyeliner much to my horror (Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, review here), and have been using it religiously since about the beginning of December. As you can see from the photo the writing from the side of the pen has basically all rubbed off now, which is a little annoying. The felt tip end is quite thick meaning you get a good line across your eye and the colour lasts all day. Recently I have been finding that it fades a little but I think that id down to my quite oily eyelids (sounds weird, but is true) that I have at this point in time. As all products do when they get a bit used up I have found this has dried out a bit – the end of the nib has stopped working as well and has become a bit hard to use.

Would I buy them again? I would buy both of these products again as I have found them to be really great and really good value for money. Out of the two products I am more likely to repurchase the Powder and try and find a new eyeliner. Although I do love this eyeliner, and have now got the hang of using it, it would be a shame to have to figure out how to use another one all over again.

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