Saturday, 2 March 2013

Zee's charity shop (and Primark) haul

So Belle’s new found love is charity shops and I think that she’s honestly rather late to the party. My mum has been pulling me round charity shops since I was born. I have grown rather resentful to them but as I have no money at the minute and needed a day out with the girls, Belle's offer of charity shops and pizza worked well for me. In addition, my love for charity shops has been reignited and you help out some wonderful charities along the way.

I have finally found my Valentine and am in Love… Don’t judge me, ok? This bag is my new baby and I am going to love it forever. Well until it gives up and I need a new one, it’s only Primark after all. I always seem to carry around everything but the kitchen sink in my handbag and have need a new, bigger bag for ages and have only just found the perfect one. I have been lusting after a designer ‘Cambridge Satchel Company’ satchel but at around £115 a bag, I do not have that money, or anybody who loves me enough to buy me one… But this Primark version will last long enough until I save up or persuade my lovely parents that one of these amazing bags needs to be in my life.

ABOUT A BOY DVD (£2.50):
After seeing the lovely (and gorgeous) Nicholas Hoult in ‘Warm Bodies’, and hearing about his child star fame in this film, I was surprised that I had never seen the film. After finding it in a book in one of the charity shops we went into I quickly picked up to a chorus of ‘It’s always on at Christmas’ and ‘how have you not seen it?’ I do not know the answer to this question, but I can tell you that I will watch it now and ‘Awww’ at how cute and innocent Nicholas Hoult was.

There is no real reason behind this purchase, other than I thought it would be a good book. The blurb witters on about Roy who grows up after knowing his father committed suicide when he was still young. Roy goes through life with this preying on his conscience and only ‘lay’s his father’s ghost to rest’ after exacting a grueling and exhilarating revenge. I think I shall read this book on a week I am feeling particularly happy as it’s probably not one to put you in a good mood.

After finally wanting to keep my room a little more beautiful, I found this tip on a blog which suggested using a shot glass to hold ‘bobby pins’ in. Now this isn’t a shot glass but it was very pretty and I thought it was ‘just right’ for the job and it was, and it's the right size to hold my eye pencil sharpener as well.

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