Thursday, 18 April 2013

1, 2, 3 step: One plait, two plait, three plait, done

I love that my hair is naturally curly. On a normal day it gives my hair volume, and I can still make it look great with very minimal effort. However, it can still be a pain. The curls are sometimes all brushed out, so there is just a mess of frizzy hair rather than any conceivable curls. The only way to sort that out? Straighten it, curl it or tie it up. There are a hundred and one different ways in which you can tie you hair up, but this is one of my favourites: putting a twist on the normal fish tail plait.
  1. If you have a middle parting, make sure that you change it to a side parting. Take the side with the most hair (think about the amount of hair on either side of the parting) and plait a french plait all the way across your head so it finishes just behind your ear and make sure that you tie it up. 
  2. With the other side of the parting you are going to do a similiar thing: plait all around your head. Make sure it is near the bottom of the head, almost were your neck meets your head and keep this plait smaller than the first plait.
  3. This is where things become a little tricky. You have to fish tail all your hair making sure you keep your plaits looking amazing. What I normally do is leave the hair tie for the first plait on so it stays in place whilst the second plait being so small doesn't move much. Then you can just fish plait it like normal.
It will be all done now, just put a hair tie at the end of your plait, and spray for hold. Voila, your hair looks amazing!


Ellie May said...

This looks amazing! Not sure I'd be able to do it only just getting to grips with a fishtail braid by itself and struggling haha! xo


@barbieandpie said...

The most beautiful hair ever!!! Love your posts, following!

a bird`s daily life said...

I love the fish plait,I just have no clue how to do it!
I`ve seen some videos on YouTube but still didn`t manage to do it properly!
I would really love to see you make a tutorial on how to make a fish plait!


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